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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

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A new era of wonder begins. 2020/12/16 151 min.


Wonder Woman 1984 was the first film released in the series since the disastrous The Last Son Of Krypton (2020). Since then, there have been two more movies released, namely Man of Steel and the forthcoming Justice League film. Wonder Woman was also left off the schedule for this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but that is a matter of bad timing for the fans who want to see her back.

Wonder Woman 1984 has a lot to offer the fans. In addition to bringing back the magic of the original TV series, the film has added a lot of new elements to give it something of its own style. From her introduction into the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman's story has evolved, with her own strengths and weaknesses being established. After the success of the first Wonder Woman movie, Wonder Woman The Legend of the Amazon it is only fitting that a new Wonder Woman movie is coming up, bringing her into a new era of the franchise.

The storyline of Wonder Woman 1984 takes place in the distant future, when an alien race called the "Chrysotans" invade and occupy the earth. This new race, which has come to Earth seeking an Earth-like planet with enough water to survive, wants to control the world's resources and create an army of humans to do their bidding. Wonder Woman, the legendary Amazon princess, then sets out to stop this impending threat. Along the way, she also has to face the Chrysonian leader, a man named General Maxwell Lord.

In order to save the Earth, Wonder Woman teamed up with the legendary super-soldier known as War Machine, as well as members of her allies such as Captain America (Sally Field), Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), and Robin (George Clooney). Their main mission is to stop the Chrysoti from invading the earth again, but they will need help from other heroes in order to accomplish this. Because of their great speed and strength, they are also used in quite a few thrilling battles throughout the movie.

If you want to get an online ticket, you will find that the Wonder Woman 1984 movie is available on most of the big online ticket sites like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and the like. But if you really want to experience the fun of this new adventure of a sequel, you can still find it on the major video streaming site Netflix. in the United States.

Wonder Woman 1984 is not only a good sequel but also has much to offer for those of us who love Wonder Woman. and the comics, since it brings the title heroine to a whole new level.

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