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He can happen to anyone. 2020/7/16 90 min.


A lot of critics have said that Unhinged is the best vampire movie ever. But did you know that it's actually a remake of a vampire story? Yeah, that's right.

The story of the Unhinged was actually inspired by the Unabomber, a man who has become infamous for spreading death threats and disturbing his victims. That's why this film became an inspiration for several Unabomber followers who followed his footsteps and went on killing sprees. This is why the Unhinged movie was created and directed by Wes Craven, which is famous for the film Scary Movie and the Scream series.

A serial killer story that is quite popular in its original form but now is considered a horror film. The main character is a professional hitman. He travels around the country for some mysterious reasons. All his missions are for the United States government.

To be more specific, one of the main characters is a serial killer. And as he tries to protect his identity and to get revenge on the people who had killed his family, he finds himself in strange situations. So it's only natural that he will meet others who also want revenge.

Untangling is a horror movie that goes in many strange situations. Unlike other movies that follow a straight plot line, the plot of Untangling gets twisted often making it a bit confusing and even confusing at times.

The Hit Man is on a mission to kill a serial killer who is going to kill other people as well. His assignment is quite dangerous but since he can't let his mission is compromised, he has to be careful with what he does. There's a risk of him being found out at any time.

The first part of the series is called: The Unhinged. It's an anti-zombie story. It follows an ordinary guy who is hunting a strange zombie who has already killed many people in his town.

The sequel to The Unhinged is named The Unbelievers. Again, we follow an ordinary guy, who joins forces with a group of men who follow a mission for humanity.

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