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The past will haunt you. 2020/1/22 97 min.


The weeping, winged, demon woman known as "La Llorona," is back again, and her curse is stronger than ever. The last time she went onscreen, her mojo caught up to her and she nearly killed a Los Angeles family, prompting a real curse from the makers of the Conjuring film franchise.

Now she targets a more obvious, deserving target in her latest outing, "La Llorona," a smart, low-key Mexican movie that uses its genre shock scares inside an entirely different story about a mother's search for her missing son. The film takes place in San Francisco and is loosely connected to a real story about a missing child from Mexico, which the creators have chosen not to reveal.

Despite the real connection, the producers of "La Llorona" have chosen to include allusions to the real-life story, which makes the film unique in the sense that it doesn't try to be a remake or adaptation of any of the Conjuring franchise movies. Instead, they chose to go with the theme and keep the story focused on its own story, rather than trying to rip off something that didn't work. In fact, this allows them to avoid a lot of the problems that the original films had, as the same mistakes are easily avoided if you know what to look out for.

What sets this film apart from other similar genre scare-fests is how it uses its genre to create a story that is more intimate. The main character, Miguel, is a Mexican man who has been kidnapped and sold into slavery. In order to find him, he must get into contact with his past and the real world so that he can find a way out and save his life.

Instead of the traditional jump scares, "La Llorona" uses its horror elements to build tension and suspense. There's more than enough blood and gore to keep audiences coming back for more, but it doesn't get too much that the audience doesn't want to see.

With this in mind, it's easy to see why "La Llorona" has managed to grab attention for the second time around. It's a clever, smart movie filled with interesting characters and an intelligent plot that have its own genre elements.

This type of horror is the rarest and most exciting type of scary genre, which makes it even more interesting to watch. There are so many different styles and different levels of scary, and some are better than others. It's no wonder that this type of movie has taken such a long time to get to be recognized by a mainstream audience, but it is finally getting a chance thanks to the brilliant mind behind the story.

"La Llorona" will open up a whole new genre of movie watching, because it will force audiences to look past the typical genre boundaries and see the beauty and power of the genre in a new light. Not to mention that it's sure to be a hit with genre purists.

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