Secret Society of Second Born Royals
Secret Society of Second Born Royals (2020)

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Born to defend. They just have to learn how. 2020/9/25 97 min.


After a botched coup by a group of rebels, the King of the Kingdom of Alagaire orders his army to put down an uprising and sends Prince Edward, the Prince Regent, to lead a small force against them. The Princess of Alagaire soon realizes that her new found powers make her eligible for marriage, and to the surprise of everyone involved, she agrees, only to discover that her prince is actually a member of the Secret Society of Second Born.

As Edward and his comrades continue to clash in the streets of Alagaire, the princess learns that the members of this society, referred to as the "Secondborn", possess supernatural abilities that range from invisibility and the ability to shape shift. This is not the first time that a princess is in danger of becoming second born, but it is the first time that the princess has been betrayed in this manner. The Princess of Alagaire soon discovers that her prince has been recruited by the Secret Society of Second Born and taken away to another world, where they will continue to fight in the name of peace.

Once the book ends, it's obvious that there isn't any way that Alagaire can win the war, so we are left with the question as to why the princess agreed to marry the man who is secretly aligned with the rebel leaders. It is also apparent that Edward had been manipulated at some point into taking the evil steps that he has taken. Although the story does not offer much in the way of an overall conclusion to the war, I was able to conclude that the group of rebel leaders was able to gain a hold of the Kingdom of Alagaire and were able to keep its king imprisoned.

The novel was quite engrossing to read. The writing style of the author was captivating, and I was constantly amazed by the way that the author was able to create an engaging story without overdoing it. The plot is intriguing, and even if you don't know much about medieval history, you will find that you can relate to it. Although the story of the princess of Alagaire is interesting, the main plot is actually more interested in the background of this ancient society than it is the history of Alagaire itself.

The book ends when the rebel leader of the group is killed by the King, and the final line that the prince utters before his death is "I am leaving you and your nation." This is definitely one of the most dramatic moments that I have ever read, because the character has no control over her destiny, but her voice tells us that everything else is in our hands. and that everything will be alright. I liked the fact that her voice did not come across as too feminine.

This was a very good book. If you enjoy a fast-paced, exciting adventure, then I would suggest that you pick up a copy of The Secret Society of Second Born by Annabel Lee for a great read. You can find a link to the website below. If you haven't heard of it yet, I recommend that you give it a read.

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