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Escape the apocalypse. 2020/7/15 116 min.


One of the most interesting things about Train to Busan Presents: Penin is that it has been going for a while now. That means that it's finally getting into its stride, becoming a thing of true art. It's not as if it was prematurely handed over to showbiz, there's an endearing air of a work in progress. There's a range of artistic talents that come together to make this an entertaining movie.

In The Seriessent Red Serendipity, the Master of Ceremonies has been chosen to be the host of a grand dinner at the Pudding of the Month Club. He is to receive his big break into showbiz, when the boys of the Seriessent Serenity fly in to the club to see what the big deal is. They are presented with a list of actors they can audition for the lead role of Oleg Penin. In order to get to the lead role, they will have to travel around Korea and try out for several different parts, while having some free time to themselves.

The scruffy actor Yuri sits in the back of the Seriessent Red Serendipity when he notices a dog walking through the crowd. When he gets up close to the canine, he can tell that it isn't a dog. It's a young actress. With a barely audible yelp, he leaps up, much to the surprise of the rest of the cast. The girls giggle as they think that he has made a very funny mistake.

By the time the Seriessent Red Serendipity hits the final stop of its trip, the poodle is taken away to be cleaned by the master of ceremonies. Upon her return, the girl takes the opportunity to walk the street and admire all the hustle and bustle of the small town. Her bad habit of looking at things that she shouldn't, almost endangering her life, she continues to do so.

The small town seems to have a serpent-like quality. The whole town seems to be plagued by seemingly endless traffic, one of the biggest reasons why people of the town live so much more relaxed lives. One particular business of the town is a restaurant named Cheon-gwan. This is where the three young actresses meet up. The focus of their attention is Lotte, a local girl who is famous for her very dramatic appearances.

Xian is the main city in the south of South Korea. Xian City is known for the fact that it has the most number of actresses in the country. Xian is also the place where they filmed the movie, Train to Busan Presents: Penin. The movie is a tribute to none other than the famous director Yoo-hyeon Soo.

This is a thrilling flick which introduces a wide range of emotions. One thing that I love about this movie is that the director Meeghan Lee keeps the action moving and interesting. All the parts seem to have a definite purpose. They are all a bit different from each other, and each of them ends up serving a specific purpose. This is a good way to tell whether the movie will be worth seeing or not.

You can catch the movie Train to Busan Presents: Penin on YouTube, free of charge. If you find the movie appealing and entertaining, try a Google search for "Train to Busan Presents: Penin". You'll find a lot of reviews of the movie, but remember that these reviews are purely based on my personal opinion, so consider them as your own!

Original title 반도
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