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An Apocalyptic Love Story 2020/10/16 109 min.


Love and Monsters have finally gotten an official release onto the big screen, in a new movie format known as "online streaming." It's available now on VOD and you should see a trailer soon. If you're interested in the story and love triangle, this review will tell you whether or not it's worthwhile to see the movie...

The film begins with a bang, as the title character (Tom Hardy) shows up onscreen, calling out to a police detective. They immediately head to his home to investigate the noise. Inside they find a bloodied body inside the basement, along with the identity of the murderer. But more questions begin to surface as they begin digging through files.

What they discover is that there are two bodies at a local crime scene and one of them is a woman. In fact, this is the main character - played by Jennifer Lawrence, and her husband, Luke Evans, are also suspects. They're taken away from the scene when the police arrive.

But a man named Mark is determined to find out more about the events that occurred, which leads him to one of the victims. Mark manages to escape but he's left with the question of how exactly he escaped. One thing's for certain...if he wants to uncover the truth, he needs to go where no man has gone before. The first place he goes is London, which is where the movie takes place. There he finds himself drawn into the love triangle between Mark, Luke, and Jennifer.

Mark eventually finds the other two suspects and the mystery becomes even deeper. As they try to unravel the case, Mark discovers the true meaning behind the mysterious message found inside the basement. He realizes that love is a choice, and he can choose to live in peace and harmony without destroying everything he loves. After the suspects' arrest, he continues to search for the person who sent the messages and discovers clues to the real reason the message was placed inside the basement. In the process, he gets help from other characters including his daughter and a bounty hunter named Rafe Spall.

The series promises a fun time for fans, who have waited so long for the premiere of this movie to come to television. Whether or not you enjoy the romance angle and love triangle, the premise of a group of men fighting crime and finding love together will make this film worth a look. If you've been waiting for this one to get its official release online, you can grab it at any online store or rent online. right away. So start your journey into a wild, new world with Love and Monsters!

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