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I Still Believe (2020)

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One love can change your life. 2020/3/12 115 min.


This inspirational story from the author of I Still Believe by David Garrow, gives an emotional and moving look at what it means to love a person who has recently died. In an interesting twist on a story that many people have heard before, author David Garrow puts the personal angle back into the life of a singer and musician who were beloved by millions of people all around the world. The story of Christian singer Jeremy Camp and his quest for understanding how to survive the heartbreak and love that come with his recent loss, also known as a "loss of faith," will be well-received by fans of both music and religion.

The story of the story begins when Jeremy Camp was a young kid who fell in love with the gospel music of the Civil Rights era. He was also captivated by the music of the blues, gospel, rock and roll, and country. In short, he loved everything that people say they love to hear.

But one day, his heart was touched by something more than he ever thought possible, a woman named Faith. A loving Christian woman, she was also in a relationship that was as loving and she was the reason why he stayed on his path of faith. But at some point, he learned the truth about her and realized that she was not what he thought she was and that she was a liar and a manipulator.

So what did Jeremy Camp do? He left her and went back to the things he knew and believed in. The story, as it is told, follows his life from the time that he left her until his death, showing just how difficult it was for him to move forward with a heart full of hate and a new found faith. While it was easier than most would think to see him go back to what he was before, it's an important story and one that will give readers a great insight into how life can be changed when one decides to embrace faith.

When the author of I Still Believe, David Garrow, decided to write the book based upon his own experiences, he made it as personal as possible. In fact, it's so personal that when his daughter read it, she could relate to it on a very personal level. If you are a fan of music or religion but haven't had much of an experience with the story, then you should really get a hold of this book because it's a must-read.

I still Believe tells you what it is like to live life through the story of a man and a woman who were both so full of faith and joy in their lives that they couldn't wait to be together again after losing their partner. But as the book progresses, you will begin to see how life can be so much more than what it looked before.

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