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No need to wait long...Guns Akimbo has just hit Blu-Ray (March 28)! Instead of having to stay a few more weeks (and potentially miss out on one of my favorite movies), you can get Guns Akimbo instantly on Blu-Ray. There's also a DVD release available; you just have two options to choose from: the standard DVD release, and a Blu-Ray disc release. There are no extra features on this disc, which makes it a great choice if you want the DVD and Blu-Ray version.

The first movie in the series, Guns Akimbo, stars Keanu Reeves as Sam Fisher, a New York cop who's assigned to protect a shipment of arms from terrorists. Fisher is a fast learner, however, and he ends up getting the upper hand over the terrorists. After this, he's given orders to take down the remaining terrorists, and this is where the story gets interesting.

The second season of the series is the most recent installment, and is actually based on a book that was written by former FBI agent Mike Conway (who is also an executive producer on the show). If you've never read this book, you may want to read it before watching Guns Akimbo, since it is a pretty entertaining read.

The series revolves around an organization called the Syndicate and is based on real life events. The Syndicate used to be a major player in the international arms trade, until the CIA stepped in to control it. However, after the United States government passed a new Arms Export Control Act, they were banned from exporting any weaponry, including guns.

I don't know why they named their series Akimbo, but it sounds pretty cool. I guess it has something to do with the fact that Sam has a huge number of guns, and they are all pretty big. It's also a lot of action, so it won't be too hard to understand the plot! The other thing that I like about the series is that it's about a cop with guns, not just about guns in general.

If you haven't seen the original series, you owe it to yourself to give it a chance. I highly recommend it.

If you have already seen the original series, I highly suggest you do so now, because there are so much more detail and humor added to the series in this new one. You also get to see Sam's childhood and how he grew up as an adult, and now he's fighting terrorists.

So if you're looking for a fun action packed movie with plenty of guns, then Guns Akimbo might be the one for you. It's also got a really great cast, which includes Keanu Reeves, and John Tutturro (who played Sam Fisher in the original series). The whole cast has really been updated, so they are as funny as ever.

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