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Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020)

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Deadlier than ever. 2020/7/28 100 min.


Dr. Emma Collins' research crew is spending their third year in the pristine island of Little Happy exploring the impact of climate change on the Great White sharks that frequent the nearby maternity nursery each year. But their tranquil life is interrupted when a curious "research" team from a neighboring island shows up hoping to find three missing bull sharks that were tagged just a few weeks ago. Dr. Collins is faced with a dilemma; if these researchers want to see the elusive Great White sharks in their natural habitat, they have to convince her to remove the bulls.

If you're anything like me, you'd be thinking to yourself "if they're tagging a Great White Shark in the middle of the ocean, how can I get a glimpse of it?" Well, that's exactly what Dr. Collins faces on her third season in the Caribbean and this is not only a big deal for her research, but also for those people she cares about the most. There's an old saying "it takes one person to change the world". And I believe this holds true in terms of conservation. This one person can make a difference in how the world views conservation; not just on Little Happy, but on many other islands all around the world.

Dr. Mrs. Crocker and her crew decided to tag the three missing bulls because they felt that if they didn't, the sharks would just disappear. The three tagged bulls are the most recent addition to the marine population at Little Happy. In recent years, a lot of sharks have moved out into the area, but these three new additions have been there since 2009. This is important because it demonstrates that there was a migration going on when the tagged animals were tagged and the relocation was happening when they were tagged. The scientists and conservationists from around the world agreed that these three males could help save the Great White Shark population from further destruction.

But, the question remains - does Dr. Mrs. Crocker's research violate any laws? Well, you'd be surprised at the answer; the tagging team is there to help her conserve the animals and she doesn't even have to inform the conservation team that she's tagging the animals or take down the tags. So, this all falls under the category of "public relations" and you can think of it as a "caveat" for the animal rights activists!

In order to preserve the three tagged sharks, Dr. Mrs. Crocker has requested that the researchers come up with a proposal for tagging the bulls and ask for permission to tag them. She also asked the researchers to take the tags off once the research crew returns the next season. This would then allow her team to see the three tagged bulls at the same time of year (which is at the beginning and end of the season), without interfering with the tagging team's activities. This will also allow for a repeat view of the animals without disrupting the tagging team's research.

According to Dr. Mrs. Crocker, the research crew should understand why these tagged animals need to be removed. So, it might be worth checking the status of the tagged animals during the tagging season, as well as asking why they removed the tags in the first place and whether they did the necessary pre-tagging studies.

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