Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons - The Movie
Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons - The Movie (2020)

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Never give a paid killer a reason to work for free 2020/8/4 87 min.


There is an all new edition of the Deathstroke: Gotham City Adventures comic book. This is a sequel to the first issue in which the character took over as Gotham's top crime fighter. Deathstroke is on a mission to take down some of the toughest criminals in Gotham City. He uses his skills to take out the criminals that try to get away with serious crimes and to bring justice to the criminal who committed them.

This new Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons series takes the characters from their original stories and adds new twists to them. There are many new villains featured in the story, and the series also introduces a lot of new allies for the Deathstroke character. Here is a look at what is included in this new Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons series.

Gotham City has been taken by chaos. A man named Slade Wilson is a bounty hunter with a personal vendetta against the criminal organizations in Gotham City. He has a particular vendetta against the notorious Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. With his death, Wilson has assumed control over the criminal organizations in Gotham City, and has hired two new members, one is called the Doll, and the other is called the Slade. The Slade has access to Deathstroke's arsenal of guns and equipment, including a pair of blades attached to his chest. The Doll has access to a large amount of money, and is a formidable fighter.

The Doll is a hit-and-run assassin that rely on her speed to get around but has great range and accuracy when it comes to hitting her target. She is also skilled with martial arts. The Doll is a skilled killer, but when she fights, she doesn't use her weapon and just hits people with her fists. The Slade is a highly trained fighter who also use his fists, and his skill is so great that he can easily catch his opponents off guard and finish them quickly. The Slade knows that when he is able to catch his opponents off guard, he can make them vulnerable. He can also use his speed to keep his opponents from seeing him.

Katrina is a new member of the team. She was actually the girlfriend of Slade. She knows that Slade is more than just a killer, but a warrior as well. She is known to be a skilled fighter, and knows how to get close to her opponents to get the kill. Slade will let Katrina tag along when she is ready to become a member of the team.

This new edition of the Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons series brings the action right into the streets of Gotham City. You will see that this is a city that is filled with criminals and vigilantes. It is also full of more allies and enemies for the Deathstroke character. It is fun to see all the different combinations that he can pull off when fighting. There is also more twists on characters that you have come to know, like the Doll's relationship with the Slade. The story itself is fun to read and there are lots of great set pieces throughout the comic.

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