Chemical Hearts
Chemical Hearts (2020)

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Fall in love. Fall apart. 2020/8/21 93 min.


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The story revolves around a chemistry teacher and aspiring actress, Jennifer Carpenter, who discovers her true calling after her college graduation. A chance meeting with an ex-student, Danny, leads to an exciting and thrilling relationship which could change Jennifer's life forever. However, Danny soon finds out that his interest lies with another girl, Jessica, so they end up parting ways.

Now, Jennifer sets out to find her true love... herself! And, as such, she goes to the next logical step: joining a drama club where she meets Danny again. They fall in love and begin a romantic relationship, which eventually leads them to meet each other's parents. When Danny's father tries to get custody of the couple, Jennifer discovers that she has to get through him first before she can take her relationship to the next level.

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Jennifer Carpenter plays a character similar to the character played by Maggie Gyllenhaal in the recent thriller "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind". She's a lovable mischievous girl who loves to experiment and play pranks on her friends.

As seen in the trailer, Jennifer has some trouble with her mother but she's determined to give her all the love she can. As such, she goes about playing pranks on her friends in order to get a reaction and get closer to Danny.

However, things don't work out so well for Jennifer and she ends up having to do with a dangerous and powerful chemical. named "Killer" who can do great harm if accidentally ingested.

Jennifer is taken to an insane asylum where she gets treated in an extremely unorthodox manner. In order to save herself, she's forced to make up lies to protect her friends and family.

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