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Books of Blood is a collection of horror fiction books written by Clive Barker in 1985 and 1984. There are eleven books altogether, subtitled Volume I through to Volume X, which were then re-released as two omnibus volumes containing three more volumes each. The book is written in third person and is set in a post-modern and grim version of Victorian England.

Clive Barker is an author and illustrator from the United Kingdom who has written over eighty novels in his career. His career spans a period that stretches from the 1930s to the present day. The books of Blood follow a similar format to his other novels, with each book telling a story based around a particular character, and then following that character through time to a new setting where they will meet again.

The main story of Books of Blood concerns the character Lord Glen Elric, a vampire who is raised by his mother. However, when his mother falls to a vampire attack, she is transformed into a bat and dies after Glen tries to save her.

The other character who is majorly featured in Books of Blood is a character named Dracula, who has been described as "a real English horror icon". He is an aristocratic count who also has a number of servants and is believed to be the first Vampiress to appear in the UK.

The plot of Books of Blood is an extremely fast-moving tale and follows a number of main characters through time, including a young man called Arthur Hastings, who is a student at St Peter's College in Edinburgh, Scotland. He lives with his mother and is also adopted by a noble family in London, but his father is not happy with the move. He also has a sister named Lavinia, who he refers to as his little sister and often sees as if he does not know her at all.

The stories in Books of Blood include a number of twists and turns, which allow the readers to see what kind of person the main characters are and what makes them tick. There is an extensive amount of violence, and some dark humor, but most of the stories are quite serious in nature.

The cover of the book was designed by artist Jim MacSweeney, who has worked on several other popular books as well. It features a picture of a beautiful white and red dress, which is meant to represent blood.

Books of Blood is a popular and entertaining book, and a must-read for anyone interested in Gothic fiction. It is available in both the standard hardback and paperback editions, and can be purchased from many online book stores.

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