Black Water: Abyss
Black Water: Abyss (2020)

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Descend into fear 2020/7/9 98 min.


In Black Water: Abyss, adventure fans will find themselves caught up in one of the biggest wildlife dramas of this decade. With the exception of a few scattered scenes that have more in common with a horror film, the bulk of the action takes place in a secluded jungle-like setting, where deadly black water floods an abandoned town and kills the inhabitants. Deep in the Amazon forest of Brazil, three friends are exploring an ancient cave system when a large tropical storm strikes.

As raging flood waters trap them under the earth, something even more deadlier emerges from the dark - killer piranhas. The survivors are separated into three teams: one is led by Pauline, the second by Alana, and the third by Will. Will, who is an FBI agent, is tasked with the task of tracking down the evil crocodiles, while Pauline must navigate an ever-changing landscape filled with dangerous creatures that are out to get them...

Black Water: Abyss, the first in the series, has a few minor flaws, but overall is an enjoyable adventure film that manages to be both suspenseful and adventurous at the same time. While the characters are compelling and memorable, the main villain is only interesting for a short period of time and never truly scary. The other creatures of Black Water: Abyss are simply not as frightening as those in The Descent or Pacific Rim, so the real appeal is in Will and the rest of the team's struggle to survive the dangerous swamp.

In addition to the story, Black Water: Abyss also features a lot of interesting photography, as well as some excellent special effects. I especially liked the way the scenes were lit and the way the camera followed Will, who was so believable in his character and actions. The only complaint I have about the film is the fact that it took a while for me to become invested in the storyline, but once I did, the action and twists quickly overwhelmed me.

I know that a lot of people think that Black Water: Abyss is not a true monster movie, and if that's what you're looking for, then the film might disappoint. However, this is far from the case; instead, the film's focus on Will, Pauline, and Alana's struggle to survive the jungle wilderness adds a real sense of urgency and fear to the proceedings. That's because, while Will is an intelligent and determined man, he's also incredibly naive, which makes him vulnerable and unable to see the bigger picture. - an inability to see what could really be threatening the entire world, instead viewing everything from a purely rational perspective.

Overall, Black Water: Abyss is an excellent adventure film that will have you glued to the screen - that is, until the end. As the water slowly rises from the swamp, it becomes almost impossible for Will and Alana to move, and Will's only hope is for help to arrive just in time - the crocodiles aren't going to let it happen, though they do, of course. And after Will's rescue by Pauline, she immediately sets about finding them - even if she doesn't want to, and this is when we start to see the true danger lurking beneath the surface of the Amazon forest.

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