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Barbie: Princess Adventure (2020)

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2020/9/1 72 min.


Barbie: Princess Adventure is a four-part animated movie series based on the popular line of dolls. The first two episodes were released in 2020 and each featured a different main character such as April Ludgate, Jillian Michaels, Ken Marino, and Elmo from the company's sister company Mattel. Following in the footsteps of the classic animated series, the series expanded into more contemporary themes and included more modern characters such as fashion and on-screen stories revolving around Barbie and her many friends.

In the first episode of the movie, "Barbie: The Beginning", Barbie is given a gift by the eccentric Mr. Belvedere that she can use to start her own business. Barbie, however, soon realizes that she does not have any real skills or experience to run this new business. In order to solve this problem, she goes on the hunt for Mr. Belvedere's "lost" fortune which he has found hidden in a mysterious cave. To help her search for this fortune, she also discovers that she has a talent for fashion designing. This leads her to meet her friends and begin her career as a fashion designer.

In the second episode, "Barbie: The Fashion Fairytale", Barbie has a chance to be a famous fashion designer in the fashion industry. Her efforts to help her develop the skills to become successful in the business world. As she pursues her dreams of becoming a fashion designer, she also makes friends and creates lifelong relationships with other characters such as Mr. Belvedere, who are very supportive of Barbie's dream, and Ms. Marchiva, who helps Barbie with her fashion design projects. Together, they work to improve Barbie's skills and help her create many memorable outfits and hairstyles.

In the third episode, "Barbie: Fashion Fairytale, Part II", Barbie decides that she wants to open her own boutique where she can design the clothes herself and create many unforgettable outfits for the entire family. In order to do this, she must learn to sew. This new skill proves to be very valuable as she helps her friends and her fashion designer brother, Ken, open their own clothing store. and helps them market the clothing. After she starts her own clothing business, she continues to work hard to improve herself.

In the fourth episode, "Barbie: Fashion Fairytale, Part III", Barbie is reunited with Mr. Belvedere and he tells her that the fortune that she was looking for is inside of the cave. This time, however, he takes her to meet her childhood friend, Isabel. Isabel had previously been trapped in the cave along with three other children who were locked there. In order to help her escape, she decides to go on a shopping trip with Barbie and Ken.

Throughout the four episodes, Barbie uses her newfound skills and talents to help her friends in the business world and the fashion industry. Her friends' stories and her own struggles provide the foundation of the movie and allow viewers to connect with Barbie and her friends as well as learn a little about their lives.

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