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After We Collided (2020)

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Can love overcome the past? 2020/9/2 105 min.


After We Collided by David Kipnis is one of the best books ever written by a woman, and is the latest of the "Women's Law" series. The story follows Tessa, an attorney who has just started working as a private investigator. A woman named Lisa Hardin is trying to get custody of her children from a past boyfriend; her ex-husband has moved on to another woman. This has caused a lot of stress in Tessa's life; however, she tries to stay strong and determined to win the custody battle for her children.

As Lisa tries to win custody, Tessa is faced with a difficult decision; she struggles with her complicated relationship with her ex-girlfriend Hardin. Her father, who is now retired, still has feelings for her. One night, after he hears about Hardin's divorce and subsequent custody battle with Lisa, he makes an effort to help her win the custody battle for her children. However, Hardin doesn't want to give up the child support that she and her husband have been paying. In addition, her ex-husband doesn't want her to get custody of the children. The couple's issues make life more complicated for Tessa, and this leads to conflict within the couple.

When Hardin is at the courthouse to take the case, Tessa meets a man who could mean the end of their relationship if things don't work out. However, when she finds out that the man has cancer, and is dying, her heart breaks; she decides to do what she can to save his life. After all, she cares about her ex-girlfriend's children more than anything, and she is determined to help her win her own custody case.

In order to win the case, Tessa has to find out who the real culprit is, and how the divorce was handled. The man she's investigating knows Lisa's ex-husband is the father, but he doesn't know the name of the father. Because of this, Tessa must find the correct information in order to prove that the man is the father.

As soon as Tessa has the information she needs, she goes to the local police and asks for information. They give her some information, but they aren't able to find out who the father of her children is. This leads to a lot of tension between the two; however, things become easier when Lisa and her ex-husband agree to take a deal. in which they agree to give Tessa their shared custody rights in exchange for giving up their custody rights to the children.

After We Collared by David Kipnis is a great book; I have enjoyed every single issue of the series so far. It's also a book that every woman should read. because it gives the story of a woman a chance to grow and mature. It's also a great read because the story is about fighting for the same thing that most women struggle with: custody rights.

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