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You're home. Forever. 2019/9/7 97 min.


The popular "Vivarium" or the "Life of a Bug" is an amazing animated cartoon that is available on the internet and it has its own website. You can also see other cartoon animations on their website including "Mobile Blockhead", "The Fly", "Beyond the Brink", "Dollhouse", "Paradise Lander", "Fairy Godmother", "Nexo Knights", "Tinker Bell", "Wings to Fly", "Flight to Camelot", "Wee Wild", "Amazing Adventures of Spider Man", "Flying Tank", "Whistleblower", "Tiny Toons: Bigger, Longer and Uncut", "Welcome to Night Vale", "We Know the Dragon" and many more. This one is quite impressive and a must see on the website. The animation was developed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and is an absolute masterpiece.

It starts with a kid named Dylan who loves bugs and enjoys watching the movie in his bedroom. Later on, he comes home from school and finds a bug corpse on the carpet of his room. He searches for it but not long after, he discovers that the thing is a magical figurine that turns him into a "bug-man". He wears this new form of human-form to school and walks around like a real human.

At school, he meets a girl named Cricket who he then calls "Lil' Cricket". She asks him to be her boyfriend and so they start dating. Later on, he meets Jenny, another girl who he wants to be his girlfriend. In the middle of the school year, he becomes possessed by the human's will and begins searching for the book where he finds a journal in the back of the classroom. There he finds that it's a journal that will let him write what he wants to in it and he even writes his own personality as a character.

He becomes the host of the mysterious figure which is the spirit of a boy named Glennie Parker.In this world, insects are considered "robots" and this is how the story begins. The main character is trying to make his way as a robot until he finally learns how to write. Eventually, he gets himself the perfect book, the Vivarium, and the "Vivarium Movie" is born.

The animation of the movie is absolutely gorgeous and is a brilliant combination of animals, birds, different bugs, plants, frogs, lots of fireworks, waterfalls, cool machines, trees, people, buildings, war veterans, science and computers. The best part about this film is that all the characters are completely different and seem to pop out at you every once in a while. They actually look very realistic and appear to have been specially made. It really looks great and the character designs are flawless.

The ending of the movie is superb and very well done. It is a surprise ending that you will definitely enjoy, whether you are a movie buff or not. It is a very funny ending to a movie that I have seen many times and it is one of the better endings that I have ever seen. It gives you a hint of what the next movies in the series will be.

The movie is part of the "Vivarium Series" and is the sequel to the successful "Vivarium" movie that had gotten lots of applause. The animated series is just as beautiful and has very unique storylines and characters. This is the kind of cartoon that you will never get tired of seeing. Although this animated serie has a theme, it has so much diversity that even a child will enjoy it.

If you want to watch the series, it is now available on many video sites and websites. It is available in DVD format and you can even buy a hard copy to take home. I am going to recommend that you buy a copy as you will enjoy it more than any DVD or streaming version. I think it is important to appreciate the unique art of animation because it is truly beautiful and only the best and most well-designed animation can bring in a message to us.

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