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The Gentlemen (2019)

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Criminal. Class. 2019/12/3 113 min.


The Gentlemen is one of the best movies of the season. It is not just a great movie, but it is also a must-see film. The movie is a comedy that centers on the lives of a bunch of buddies. The friends include Jack Lemmon, John Candy, and John Tutturro.

The movie begins with the three friends enjoying a night out together. During the evening, one of the friends starts to date a woman. Soon, the woman's boyfriend comes around and begins to date the woman as well. This turns the friends against each other. Eventually, they decide to try to kill the other for whatever reason they have. The film ends with them joining forces to kill the other.

The Gentlemen has several different sequences throughout the film. The first sequence is the barbeque where Jack Lemmon and John Candy are trying to kill each other. They start by telling the other about how much money they have. Eventually they start to kill each other's friends.

The next sequence takes place at a party. In this sequence, John Tutturro and John Candy are attending a party. At this party, they run into their friend who tells them to come outside because someone is going to kill them.

The final sequence of the movie takes place at the cemetery. During this sequence, Jack Lemmon is digging a grave. Then the grave begins to shift. Eventually, it is revealed that it was the man who buried the friends.

The Gentlemen is a great movie. It is a great comedy. And it is a great action movie. This is definitely one of the best movies of the summer. If you are looking for a movie that is both a good laugh and an action movie, this movie is a must-see.

If you are looking for something that is funny and sad at the same time, The Gentlemen is something for you. The story is a great one and it really makes you feel bad for killing each other.

In addition to that, the movie is very entertaining. You will laugh and cry while you are watching the movie. The action sequences are amazing and you will feel like you are in the middle of a real-life fight scene. The music in the movie is great and adds to the overall entertainment of the film.

Overall, The Gentlemen is a great movie. If you are looking for a movie that is both a funny and sad movie, then this is definitely a movie for you. The Gentlemen is a must-see movie.

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