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Anyone who has seen the movie The Courier will know that the concept is a straightforward one. An undercover cop, in the business of delivering small packages between inter-state and international drug gangs, is sent to Alaska by his superior officer. Since he is to perform this task under cover, he is required to disguise himself as a non-threatening, well dressed delivery man.

The Courier features an undercover agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as the main protagonist. He is sent to the Northern region of Alaska to investigate an organized crime ring. The Courier must search for his partner, a U.S. Marshal, who he believes is killed in an accident. The only problem is that the Courier's partner, Clyde, has been murdered.

Much like many of the spy movie heros that came before it, The Courier is imbued with charisma, mystery, and overall appearance. As he poses as a delivery man, he drives around town disguised in a suit and an orange vest. His oversize sunglasses give him a cool yet mysterious aura that makes the viewer feel like they can talk to him, if only for a few moments. The Courier never reveals his identity, at least until his partner's murder.

As the movie's story progresses, you will find out more about The Courier's background. You learn that he works in a courier company called Flag Service. The Company has been in operation for twenty years and has delivered anything from flowers to diamond studded watches. It is owned by Efraim Clotilde and is one of the primary contractors for the "Time Travelers", a group of criminals who like to get things done without notice.

The Courier is recruited by Efraim, who has hired him to work for him as an "ambassador" for his firm, in the service of managing its "black ops". "Black ops" refers to The Courier's job, as an agent, to infiltrate a criminal organization and secure the whereabouts of the partners of the Time Travelers. During the course of his investigation, The Courier uncovers a plot that involves two of the Time Travelers, the infamous Slim Twist and his "Green Machine" business partner, Lev Williams.

"Black Ops" are contract operations that involve undercover agents to infiltrate different organizations and then deliver cargo. The Courier performs this job as part of the FBI's small but talented Special Investigations Division. For the first half of the movie, The Courier serves as an undercover agent, conducting surveillance and carrying out surveillance missions. But when he learns that the Time Travelers, both of whom he was sent to find, has left town for a mission in Europe, he agrees to infiltrate them for their "friend", Clyde.

Slim Twist and the Time Travelers call the idea of a "job" something they would consider treasonous. So The Courier sneaks onto the set of a reality show in which this team of thieves is supposedly being investigated. The Courier is followed by a special agent called Marva Whitney. The Courier jumps through time in order to help the Time Travelers and is rescued by them before they are able to complete their robbery. The Time Travelers then goes on to blackmail the owner of a building that features an indoor rodeo.

From here, the movie progresses in a very short period of time, ending with the last shootout at the home of one of the Time Travelers. The Courier discovers the location of his partner's body. He is however, killed when he makes a fatal mistake and is unable to prevent the Time Travelers from killing Clyde. The "Dear John" letter he carries is found by the authorities who finally apprehend the Time Travelers.

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