Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs
Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs (2019)

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2019/7/25 92 min.


A very popular children's series, the story of "The Seven Dwarfs and the One Bear" is a great way to start watching animation on DVD. There are a number of different collections available for viewing on the Internet, all of which can be found through an internet search engine like Google or Yahoo.

In the original version of the series, each of the seven dwarfs was named after his or her task; thus, there were seven dwarves working at home to make the most efficient home. The story was an inspiration for many of the modern day children's TV shows such as Sesame Street and Barney.

In the show, the first episode features seven little sloths who had the task of creating one bear from scratch. The next episode is a retelling of a similar story, where the seven dwarfs, in a bid to get into the royal cage, attempt to build the king a towering mansion with their handy tools.

The next few episodes were to feature the dwarfs building a castle from bricks, and then from the walls and roof. After all of the preparations had been made, the very first episode that focused on the seven dwarfs ends with them working together to build a giant boulder that leads to the next adventure!

A very popular show in its own right, the "Seven Dwarfs and the One Bear" series of movies are also a part of the "Serie" franchise. The "Serie" movies were popular for many reasons. For starters, they were directed by the great Hayao Miyazaki (of "Princess Mononoke"Ponyo").

There is also a "Serie" series called "Magical Princess Movie", where there are six to eight movies based on the Princess Magica manga. With the popularity of the "Magical Princess Movie" series, they have begun making animated movies of their own, which can be seen online.

The "Magical Princess Movie" series usually consists of five to six episodes, which will be followed by a follow-up series. They can also be watched on a video for one or two days, depending on the user's needs.

Each movie in the "Serie" series has something unique to offer, and one can see and feel the difference between the different versions of the movies. These movies are now available on DVD and can be bought at your local video store or directly from the site of the production company itself.

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