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Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

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Everyone has one more fight in them 2019/9/19 89 min.


First, let's discuss a bit of Rambo: Last Blood. I had never seen the series before starting this article and this film was the first in the series that I have seen. This was a good choice to start with since it was an exciting action movie with a lot of excitement built into it. The storyline is really intriguing and the visuals are really quite beautiful.

At first, we see two biker gangs fighting in an alley way and they realize they have the same target: The one group that is fighting the other group. All the bikers gang members take turns trying to shoot each other until only one can make it to the next checkpoint without being shot. As the deadline nears, we see that one group is not able to make it and they are separated from the others. The remaining bikers gang members fight to the death but they can't escape the police for one simple reason: their leader just happened to be hiding out at the police station. They are forced to finish each other off and then make their way back to the police station in order to find their leader.

Rambo moves out at night and is forced to fight back the remaining enemy. He uses his long gun in order to finish off the remaining enemies and then joins the other gang members. It seems like an obvious choice, but not when the action takes place in a foreign country and there is a major battle. And of course, we meet the wrong man to get the job done.

As the credits start to roll, we learn that Rambo ended up having to be rescued by some Frenchmen and was taken prisoner. After a three-month captivity, he was taken to be executed. However, the prisoner shows him a map of the city and tells him where to go in order to take down the terrorists. Well, since he is Rambo, this means only one thing: He has to go into battle himself. During the journey, Rambo meets up with his best friend Rico who gets kidnapped by the terrorists as well. Rico is one of the few Americans left and he is forced to help fight the terrorists. The city is under martial law and no one can leave or enter. Rambo knows that if he can get rid of the terrorists and get out of the city, he will be awarded a million dollars. So, he does what he has to do and ends up getting tortured by the terrorists.

Rambo is rescued by some "puppy dogs" (that would be the French) and meets up with Rico again. Then, they are transported to a battle of wills between Rambo and the terrorist. Rambo wins and finds the mastermind of the whole situation, but he also ends up getting killed in the process.

Rambo is able to escape the battle of wills with the help of a fellow biker, Ken. He then flees the city to try and get to an airport to find a boat. In the meantime, the terrorists find and blow up the bridge that he and Ken used to get to the airport.

Rambo gets to the airport and gets some assistance from a pilot. Now, he needs to get to Europe so he can go back home and warn his country of the upcoming war. Unfortunately, Rambo has already been in the war and didn't see it coming. You can really tell that the author really put a lot of effort into this story and movie because it was one of the best action movies I have ever seen.

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