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Act like you own the place. 2019/5/30 133 min.


Though Parasites came out a long time ago (c.1981), it has managed to capture the hearts of horror fans all over the world. In this movie, a group of people who are infected with the 'Parasite' (a deadly type of virus) find themselves scattered all over the city of New York. They are hiding from the authorities and finding one way or another, they try to live their lives as normal people do. Then, tragedy strikes.

The movie's viewers can relate to the Parasites. Parasites is one of those movies that most people have already seen. It's the kind of movie that gives you an experience that you will think that you've been there. I cannot say whether or not this movie will stay with you, but I can tell you that it did at least for me. When I watch the movie again, I'm reminded of the feeling I got when I first watched it.

Also, the movie's characters are well portrayed. Some of them aren't well-liked, while others are being portrayed positively. In other words, the movie's characters are well-done, in a good way.

I also have to commend the online features in the movie. The Online Movie Serie made by Visualize, which can be found on the websites of this movie, are very interesting to watch. They show images of the parasites.

These images are shown as text in various spots in the movie, as we see lines of code embedded in the parasite to move. This is another feature that makes the online movie serie great.

Besides that, there is a system in the online movie serie that allows the viewers to vote on what they would like to see in the next episode. This is a wonderful idea because it encourages everybody to take part in making the online movie serie better. It's a great way to promote the movie since it's the "vote that counts." In addition, this allows people to express their own opinions about the movie.

Lastly, the movie itself is a classic. It's a movie that kids and adults alike will appreciate. It's a great reminder to never give up when you need some good horror.

Overall, Parasites is a movie that is loved by many. It was made by an award-winning director and his cast is also well-liked. I believe you should definitely give it a try if you haven't seen it yet.

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