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Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

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An angel falls. A warrior rises. 2019/1/31 122 min.


Set several hundred years in the future, Alita: Battle Angel is set in a futuristic city in an unknown part of the globe. A ruthless terrorist group called the Black Sun has taken control of the city and all its inhabitants. In the scrapyard where Alita is living with her robotic girlfriend Ido, Alita's robotic arm is stolen by the group.

A former cyborg who was turned into a human by the government, Alita was sent to an underground prison where the scientists experimented on her until she was rebuilt as a robot. Forced to fight and protect the people of her adopted city, Alita has to make friends along the way. Set in a futuristic setting, Alita: Battle Angel is a compelling action-filled tale that fans of science fiction will surely enjoy.

Set in a near future, Alita: Battle Angel is the story of a futuristic city that is overrun by terrorists. Ido, an ambitious cyber-surgeon, finds himself in charge of Alita, an android robot who has been taken away from her previous owner. However, as Alita wakes up, she has no recollection of who she really is, or of the world she lives in. Eventually, Alita begins to learn about her past and tries to survive in a war-torn city ruled by the Black Sun. However, Alita soon discovers that her robot arm can not be taken with her and must be re-constructed if she ever hopes to find herself and start over.

The author of Alita: Battle Angel is an Australian-born writer named Richard Morgan. The title Alita: Battle Angel is a reference to the character of Alita, an android who helps human beings in need. Like Alita, Morgan was also once a cyborg whose artificial parts were destroyed and had to rebuild them. Morgan's first book, The Fifth Phase, was published in 2020. Since then, he has written five more novels that feature robots in futuristic settings and science fiction.

"Robot novels are one of my favorites," said Morgan, who lives in Australia. "I love the idea of artificial intelligence that can help people in desperate situations, especially people who have been made, in the eyes of their creators, as subhuman. This is a story of a woman who lives as much as anyone else in this new world that is being created because of her technological breakthroughs. It's exciting to see her go through this process."

"If you are a fan of science fiction then you owe it to yourself to read Alita: Battle Angel," said Morgan. He went on to say, "If you don't know what Alita is, it's a novel about a cyborg who makes friends with humans and helps to save the city. If you have a little knowledge about her history then you can see what I am talking about." Fans of science fiction will surely find this intriguing and suspenseful. And if you are a fan of action-packed books then you will also enjoy Alita: Battle Angel.

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