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Big Hero 6 (2014)

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2014/10/24 102 min.


One of the most anticipated animated films of the year, Big Hero 6 was released in theaters last weekend, bringing a tremendous smile to the faces of children everywhere. This charming Disney animated film features two of the most beloved Disney characters: Hiro, a robotics prodigy, and Baymax, a friendly robotic dog. This movie is both a fantastic family movie as well as a very entertaining, light-hearted superhero film. With a terrific cast, and a story that entertain and enthrall, it is a perfect choice for all ages. Here are a few reasons why this movie is such a hit with the young at heart.

The story begins with Hiro, a young boy who lives in San Fransokyo, a city in Southern California. His best friend is Tadashi, who is in the same robotics club as Hiro and Baymax. Next to Hiro, Baymax is Hiro's best friend, a robot designed by Hiro to help take care of people around him. Baymax is also Hiro's best friend when it comes to taking care of his family. Hiro loves his life with Baymax, but because of a tragic turn of events, the two of them must find a new way to make it work. When a disaster occurs that leaves many in San Francisco devastated, the only thing that can save them is the robotic dog Baymax.

The robot Baymax can transform himself into any kind of robot that the owner desires, including a human or robotic dog. He is extremely friendly and intelligent, and even goes on dates. Hiro is so taken with the robot that he wants to be like him. Hiro sets about helping Baymax get along in San Fransokyo, and he also becomes his best friend. In fact, Baymax is so popular in San Fransokyo that the movie is played almost exclusively by children. in schools, where a lot of the dialogue takes place.

Jason Lee plays Jason Keshi, a character who is just as adorable as Baymax. He is absolutely hilarious and great at playing the comic relief role. Jason has a similar voice to that of Hiro, which is also funny and endearing. and gives the viewer some great laughs throughout the movie. Jason is fantastic at what he does and really sells the relationship between Hiro and Baymax, and he gives a great performance that will bring a smile to the faces of children and adults alike.

There are also a number of children's roles that Jason Keshi takes on in this movie, including those that are not in the original cartoon series. For example, a young girl plays Hiro's cousin, who was created by Hiro to help him. These characters are so adorable that they end up becoming regular parts of the movie and are used as comedic relief. These kids in particular add an extra dimension to the movie, which makes it a fun movie for families to watch together. They are also able to have some good old-fashioned adventures and fun.

These kids also have a number of fun scenes, which make the film more than just a simple adventure story. They're actually a lot of fun to watch. Jason and Hiro also have a few short runs around town, getting into all sorts of mischief and silly mishaps. It's just a great mix of comedy, action, and drama that makes it all worthwhile. And if your children's friends are looking for a good way to spend their Saturday, then I highly recommend Big Hero Six.

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