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Your mind is the scene of the crime. 2010/7/15 148 min.


The most beautiful moment in Inception is probably the theme that unfolds when the audience first sees her. Owing to the significant role played by Ashley Tisdale, the iconic actress also emerges to play the important part of Marion, the mother of the main character, John. She becomes the central element in the entire plot as her actions impact the developments of the character in a positive manner.

The most famous scenes in the film come from the ending when she tries to be reunited with her husband. John's henchman humiliate her on the tarmac of the airport. This leads to a tumultuous fight between her and the henchman who grab her arm and push her into the plane. As she drops to the ground, the plane bursts into flames and the fiery blue sky shows her to be engulfed in it.

According to director Christopher Nolan, this moment in Inception was like a glimpse into her being "a woman who is looking for herself." Because of the spectacular nature of the moment, many critics stated that it was an impossible scene to recreate. However, virtual reality has helped both directors and actors to recreate it, making the moment even more emotional than what the film's cinematography could depict.

While the scene in Inception was initially envisioned as an interactive experience, the virtual reality experience allowed actors to be placed in the right positions in order to fulfill their roles correctly. The result was a piece of art that the audience would not only enjoy but also be able to fully appreciate. Since the cinematic version of the scene involved many props and other elements that were not seen in the live production, this virtual reality experience was often imitated by many other directors.

The decision to develop a CGI technology was partly responsible for the development of the virtual reality. It allowed directors to create more realistic movements while still maintaining the same level of quality and fidelity as the actual film. The technology allowed them to capture actors inany kind of body position while they are performing their lines and make them look and act exactly as if they were really performing.

The use of virtual reality technology also made the scene even more real to the audience. Since they can see the actors in different positions and can also interact with them at the same time, this allowed the audience to relive the scene whenever they wanted. They were not left behind when the scene took place.

Besides the thrilling moment in Inception, the scene in Inception was quite complex. It needed multiple layers of special effects, lighting and other aspects of the film to be perfectly recreated. For this reason, the combination of a virtual reality system and a movie camera system allowed both the director and the actors to have a more realistic experience. This enabled them to make the most of the visuals that were already present in the scene and helped to fill in the gaps with an additional layer of creativity.

No other piece of the film was better and more fitting than the one in Inception. Virtual reality gave it the perfect opportunity to become a true work of art and opened the doors for many other filmmakers to bring out the best in their movies.

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